Full Program Specification:


Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science (International Program)

Short title
Ph.D. (Food Science)
Doctoral’s Degree
Full Time (3 years)
Registration periods



Master degree in food science, food technology or related field.

  1. To produce graduates that are specialists and are highly-skilled researchers on food science and technology and related fields.
  2. To promote the creativity and innovation in the research on food science and technology.
  3. To strengthen and develop graduates to go forward to international level
  1. Graduates are able to apply and integrate knowledge in food science and technology for advanced research work.
  2. Graduates will gain skills to support the research work through learning activity both theory and practice and are able to serve in Food industry sector.
  1. Laboratory rooms
  2. Research instruments e.g. HPLC, GC-MS, Rheometer, Rapid Visco-Amylograph (RVA), Fermenter, Rancimat, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Larminar flow, Brookfield viscoeter, Texturometer, etc.


Future careers
  1. Food scientists or food technologists in food factory, being responsible in product research and development, planning and production control, or food quality control or quality assurance.
  2. Authorized food scientists government official.
  3. Owner or self-employed food related business.
75,000 THB per semester