Full Program Specification:


Master of Science Program in Food Safety Management

Short title
Master’s Degree
Part time (Saturday-Sunday)
Registration periods



Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in one of the following courses

  • Food science and technology
  • Agro-Industry
  • Food Science
  • Fermentation Technology in Food Industry
  • Other related sciences subjecting to the decision of the program committee.

Qualification of applicants

  1. Plan A and Plan B (Model 1-Cooperative program)
    • Applicants with no experience in food industries or in food safety  
    • Knowledge and process integration skills are needed
    • Some courses necessary in workdays (Monday-Friday)
  2. Plan B (Model 2)
    • Applicants who are working full time and have experiences at least 1 year in food industries or in food safety.
    • Knowledge and process integration skills are needed (Monday-Friday)

Selecting the plan and model is depended on the decision of the program committee.    

  1. To acquire have scientific knowledge and skills for applying and managing food safety systems as well as in food supply chains.
  2. To promote and enhance academic researches relevant to food safety and quality management systems, which, they can be applied or use as references in both public and private sectors involved.

Students will be are able to manage and apply scientific knowledge and skills to the food safety management systems as well as the food supply chains.


Laboratory and research room to support all relevant subjects such as Food microbiology and food safety, Fermentation technology, Food chemistry, and Food process engineering.


Future careers

Graduates can work in various sectors as following:

  1. Food industries, especially in the part of quality  assurance, quality control and food safety.
  2. Public sectors in the field of food safety management, food quality and food assessment.
  3. International food safety agencies such as Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Trade Organization (WTO) and World Health Organization (WHO).
  4. Freelances in food safety management area in Food or related business such as auditors or consultants for product quality systems.
40,000 THB per semester