Fullname: Ms. Kankanok Wongngam
Singapore Polytechnic (SP)


Interning in Singapore was one of the best experiences in my life. I felt very excited, nervous, and happy at the same time. It has been a very short 1 month of my internship in Singapore Polytechnic and it’s been a truly fruitful experience for me. Working at Singapore Polytechnic allowed me to connect with so many sweet and friendliness people and taught me valuable lessons. I’m indeed very lucky to have made so many good friends there. My interest in food-science has also developed significantly and not a single moment have I regretted my experience there. I feel like thanking everyone there for making my journey so enjoyable and meaningful even though it was such a very short period of time.

After the internship, I felt like a different person: I paid attention to all the details, I developed my confidence, and I felt one step closer to my future endeavours. I also loved learning about the history of the country and different sights that I visited. I took part in lots of walking throughout the day. I visited so many beautiful places and ate lots of traditional food.

Doing an internship offers me the chance to learn by doing and training in a particular field that occurs with being out of the classroom setting. I think that an internship is advantageous because it is in a business setting which allows the students to use the knowledges that they gained in the classroom towards practical applications. Not only the information and skills developed in the classroom, but I learn other skills not taught in the classroom, like particular shortcuts used in the specific industry, like food scientist.

Another advantage of being in a business setting is that it allows me to decide what career path I may or may not want to pursue after graduation. Besides, being a trainee also gives me a chance to meet new people, practice networking and communication skills, gaining confidence, and learning knowledge first hand from professionals.