Fullname: Ms.Sasimaporn Samard
Kongju National University
South Korea


“The first day in Korea, the weather was great and the air fresh and clean. I found the country very clean and I was often amazed. I came to Korea on February 29th, 2012, staying in a dormitory of Yesan campus. I was impressed with Korean students, their discipline, organization and respect of the rules. For example, they always do a line in cafeteria, bus stations, subways, and even restroom. It made me automatically improve my discipline by surrounding. Moreover, they are very diligent and dedicate to their work. It was not only students but also includes non-students outside the university. It made me have more responsibility than before.

During my studies at Kongju National University, my interest grew for the use scientific instruments, both in technical operation and analysis. I am now running my research project entitled Effects of die temperature and CO2 injection on physical and antioxidant properties of cornmeal-based extrudates with carrot powder. ” 

“Therefore, it made me have a good basic knowledge on characteristic of extruded product and phenolic compounds, such as extraction, quantification and analysis of their physicochemical and antioxidant properties. Furthermore, I have a chance to join in various academic conferences relating to my major subject, Food Science. For example International Food Industry Exhibition Seoul 2012, World Tradition Medicine EXPO Sancheong 2013, and recently I presented research poster in 2012 KFN International Symposium and Annual Meeting (Quality of Life (QOL): Food Industry and Health. It was a proud moment and a great personal achievement.
I am happy to be here. Although there are different ideas and cultures, but it is fun to learn. Overall it is a great trip that I never had before. Thank you for a very good chance from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang and Kongju National University. Miss you all guys.”

Sasimaporn Samard