Full Program Specification:


Short title
B.S. (Culinary Science and Foodservice Management)
Bachelor’s Degree
3+1 Year Bachelor Degree Program
Registration periods



1. Philosophy
The Culinary Science and Foodservice Management Program is a Bachelor of Science program that prepares the students who can be food scientists with culinary and food service skills for a range of careers in food industries, food service businesses, and catering establishments in both domestic and international scales.The degree program provides a systematic and coherent body of knowledge about culinary science and foodservice management which include the principles of culinary food science, culinary art and techniques, foodservice management, technology and problem solving techniques on culinary and foodservice.The students will be able to develop their attitude, operational and academic skills on culinary science and art through intensive laboratory practice, field internship experiences and 1 year-abroad work integration program (double degree program). The students will be able to develop the ability to review, consolidate and apply the knowledge and techniques in the workplace to become productive participants in all businesses related to the food business and culinary service with food scientist skill and attitude.

2. Importance
The Culinary Science and Foodservice Management Program provides in-depth knowledge in the food science and art of culinary and food service, which promotes high levels of culinary and foodservice skills with food science technology, especially on Thai food. The program presents up to date information on technology appropriate to run food service institutes, in which facilitates successful internships to acquire contemporary industry experience. Thus student can apply theory to practice and adapt knowledge to new situation. 

3. Program Education Objectives
The objectives of the curriculum are aimed at characterizing the graduates as the following qualities:

  • To have good morals, service mind and social responsibility according to their professional ethics.
  • To be academically skilled and having professional skill in the science of culinary arts and food services, having proper operational and administration skills at a certain level of work proficiency required by regional or world standard.
  • To be intellectually skilled in analyzing current situations by applying proper knowledge, logic and consideration when encountering them.
  • To have interpersonal skills and responsibility which enable them to work with people of all levels effectively, and to continuously develop themselves both on knowledge of professional skills and ethics.
  • To encourage positive attitude in culinary and food service and self-awareness of  human rights and social responsibility.
Future careers
  1. Technical/Exclusive chef in foodservice units in both national and international levels
  2. The owner or participant in foodservice units.
  3. The food researcher and food scientist who develops and solves the problems related to food products in food research institutes, food industry or other foodservice units. 
  4. The expert or consultant in food area which covers culinary arts and foodservice technology. 
180,000 THB per semester.