Full Program Specification:


Bachelor of Science    Program in Food Science and Technology

Short title
B.Sc. (Food Science and Technology)
Bachelor’s Degree
Full time (4 years)
Registration periods



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Applicants can be Thai and Foreign Students who have very good skill in Thai language for their education.
     Qualifications: High school graduation on Science-Math program. The qualifications of applicants also are in accordance to the Regulations of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang regarding Bachelor’s Degree Education 2016.


Bachelor of Science Program in Food Science and Technology. There are 2 majors

-Major food science and technology

-Major food catering technology and management

To produce graduates who have characteristics as follows:

1 To acquire knowledge of food science and technology, able to effectively apply and transfer the knowledge and skills to be able on working in public and private sectors and also able to continue their academic career

2 To achieve initiative and creative thinking, able to research, develop and apply new technology in food industry and/or food catering technology and management 

3 To morally and ethically earn a living with professional ethics and to be responsible for oneself, society and environment


    Graduate qualification

Graduates will be able to apply food science and technology knowledge for thinking abilities and solving solve problems related to food industry.

    Learning Methods

-Each subject in core courses of this program will consist of lectures, practicals (laboratory exercises), or a combination of these.

-The class will focus on active learning technique. Students have a chance to enroll in the courses or choose the topic research to develop their skills and knowledges.


Regulation of assessment of this program for grading and graduation are in accordance to the Regulations of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang regarding Bachelor’s Degree Education 2016.
In addition, an assessment based learning outcome strategies including (1) morality and ethics (2) knowledge development, (3) intellectual development,(4) Interpersonal relationship and responsibility and (5) Mathematical analytical thinking, communication skills and information technology skills. 



Library, Computer room, and equipment to support laboratory and research works such as Product and development, Food microbiology and food safety, Fermentation technology, Food chemistry, and Food process engineering


Future careers

1 food scienctists in production, production plan, research and development, quality assurance, quality control, food safety and marketing

2 public and private sectors e.g. in scientist, academician, researcher, plan and policy analyst in the field of food science and technology and/or food catering technology and management

3 self-employed person and entrepreneur in food industries

The regular tuition fee as lump-sum appropriation of this program is 21,000 Baht/ semester.