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Full Program Specification:


Bachelor of Science Program in Fermentation Technology in Food Industry

Bachelor’s Degree
Full time (4 years)
Registration periods



Applicants can be Thai and Foreign Students who have very good skill in Thai language for their education. Qualifications: High school graduates on Science-Math program. (click here)

  1. To acquire knowledge of biotechnology in the field of food industrial fermentation, quality control and food safety to effectively work in public and private sectors and also to continue their academic career
  2. To morally and ethically earn a living with professional ethics and to be responsible for oneself, society and environment
  3. To achieve initiative and creative thinking and to develop and apply new technology in food industrial fermentation technology and food safety and also be able to use the knowledge for suggest problem solving in the field of applied biotechnology

Students will be able to apply the scientific and biotechnological knowledge for developing value added industrial products as well as quality control system and food safety. The students will have skill of development and abilities to solve problems related to industrial fermentation processes.


Library, Computer room, and equipment to support laboratory and research works such as Food microbiology and food safety, Fermentation technology, Food chemistry, and Food process engineering, etc.


Future careers

Graduates can find employment in

  1. food and fermentation industries e.g. in production, production plan, research and development, quality assurance, quality control, food safety and marketing
  2. public and private sectors e.g. in scientist, academician, researcher, plan and policy analyst in the field of food and fermentation technology and quality assurance
  3. self-employed person and entrepreneur in food and fermentation industries
21,000 THB per semester.