Fullname: Ms. Kannaporn Kongeiad
University Putra Malaysia (UPM)


I went to do an internship at University Putra Malaysia for 2 months. My internship program about food service and management at L’apprenti Putra Restaurant. L’apprenti is a brand under the Faculty of Food Science and Technology of Universiti Putra Malaysia. I trained to work every positions such as cook, waitress, etc. I get new knowledges and learn how to work with others. I have experienced the real working. L’apprenti family is very kind. They helped and took care of me. They taught me to cook Malaysian food. When I had a vacation. Chef brought me to Penang. I traveled to places such as restaurants, shopping places, temples, etc. My traveling is learning different cultures. I had a culture shock. Malaysian often eat food with their right hand, so Chef tried to teach me eat with my right hand. It was difficult for me because I am left-handed. My internship program in Malaysia made me brave and strong because I must do everything by myself. It was a special experience for me.