Fullname: Ms. Wanwisa Sookkamol
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST)


I got very experience from this internship, that have how to stay with the other country, how to work with foreigner in lab and sometime it wasn’t  easy to understand. I got the project about isolation of  a non-urea-producing yeast stain. I isolated yeast stain in my lab around 17 stain to search non-urea-producing and I have learnt how to do PCR and SDS page. It’so hard to get a good results but finally I have known which stain non-urea-producing, that make me so much experience knowledge and I learnt some technique. This country has very culture different Thailand such as, the toilet, the food, the characteristic of human. I feel very happy because this country seems peaceful, be shady with various kinds of trees, the road to be spick and span etc. In this university, it’s very beautiful and everything is good, my teacher take care me very well sometimes he take me to have a dinner. However, this university establish in countryside that make me worry about language because I cannot speak Chinese and human cannot speak English when I have lunch or dinner I can indicate the food with I want only In this reason, make me practice Chinese language I so glad when I known some words. Finally this internship make me very experience something good something bad but I surely if I have time I will come back in Taiwan again I love everything in this country.