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Fullname: Ms. Jidapha Techataratip and Mr. Suparoek Wongnok
Yuanpei University of Medical Technology


I had a chance to be an internship in Taiwan. An internship is a short period of work that gives student to explore their experience which is related to my study field. In Thailand, most of internship students are in the third year during summer vacation. For KMITL, we can choose internship program either Thailand or abroad. I had much impression during staying in Taiwan. Such as transportation, communication, market and relationship.

Taiwan’s transportations are very convenient and reasonable fees. You can use only 1 pass card, easy card, all modes of transport. Subway is the most popular and effective but it’s use in Taipei, capital city, only. Between cities people will use local train instead of subway. In addition, high speed train are also used due to the cheapest and fastest time to pedestrian. Then, footpaths are made with good materials not only urban but also rural areas and zebra cross can be often seen. I feel very safe, and all people follow the traffic light rules it’s so rarely to have an accident. Taiwan Chinese is their own language which is different from Mandarin, which is Taiwan Chinese mixing among Mandarin, Japanese and Taiwan local words. New Taiwanese generation such as generation z can speak English very well. Taiwanese teenagers have a working style of work-life balance. For example, they work hard during working time after that they relaxed with delicious food and play games such as card or sports such as baseball. In Taiwan have many day and night markets which there are local foods altogether. It becomes very attractive places for both local people and tourists. Moreover, big night markets have many clothes shops and prices are reasonable. I have spent a total of about five weeks in YUMT, Taiwan. I have an opportunity to meet many people and make a value friendship. Actually, most of them are older than me so they also give good advice for me, not only academic knowledge but also daily life. Furthermore, we travel together around Taiwan from northern part to southern part, Taichung, Taipei, New Taipei, Kaohsiung and Tainan. I very appreciate their love, kindness, support and generosity. I wanted to thank you all you’ve done for me. Thanks again for this incredible internship.