Fullname: Ms. Nisa Sukprasertsom and Ms. Praewpun Ritlamjeak
UCSI University


The Advantages that we gain from out-bound internship

We have learned real work experience, planning the solution problems by yourself.  We used all knowledge that we learned in our class for do our project and sometimes if we don’t understand, Master always helping us to teaches how to plan and correctly to do step by step before experiment project. In addition to working here, we also have the experience learn to work with others people which has more communication skills in English, We get good friendships from friends in here, talk to exchange culture. Make us to have more confidence in work and have more encourage while practicing learned to be more responsible for work by yourself.

The feelings from out-bound internship

We are very happy to have the opportunity for internship at UCSI. We have been impressed since arriving here. My new friends in here that are pretty, kind. They always helping us in everything. At first, we are also worried about how we communication because we have the feeling that we're not very good in English, especially at the beginning of the internship there may be a slightly problem but when we started to adapt, we gradually felt that our English had improved. It also has more confidence as well. The project assigned in first week we had a lot of stress because it's new something for us, both to plan the experiment with vary conditions but the teacher said that “ Don't have to be stressful”, after a week we felt that we were chilling. Also, there are completed lab equipment which we like very much. We felt very fun to travel in many places by bus, train and car both Batu cave which is a sacred cave of Hindus in Malaysia, Genting Highlands there is best weather, KLCC are highest twin towers in the world and there are big shopping mall, We met local people, trying local foods such as Nasi-Lemak, Asam Laksa, Nasi-Ayam Penyet, Pan Mee Soup and we tried Chinese food and Indian foods too.