Fullname: Ms. Yong JieYie
UCSI University


I am so glad that I have been chosen as one the exchange students at KMITL Ladkrabang, Thailand. During this co-op placement, I was given a research topic and thus I get the chance to experience the researchers’ life which has guided me the possible future pathway that it can be after graduate. Besides that, I have also learnt to be independent throughout the project. Other than that, I have also learnt that there is only further readings on related articles and apply trial and error onto a new research. 

Throughout the co-op placement, I have truly understood that consumer has played an important role in product development. The consumer are normally the one who purchase the product, hence it is make sense to make the consumer to involve in the product evaluation process. Hence, sensory evaluation has become one of the most important instruments that guide me to the best product formulation which is most accepted by the consumers. In the sensory evaluation that was conducted, I have obtained some knowledge on Just-about-Right (JAR) scale which was never learnt in the subjects that I have taken earlier. Just-about-Right (JAR) scale is one of the most simple and direct ways to obtain feedback from a consumer. JAR scale may provide a direction to the product formulation.Besides that, some new equipment skills were also learnt. Some of the new equipments that were learnt included Brookfield DV-III Ultra viscometer, Bostwick consistometer and Konica Minolta Chroma meter (CR 400). These skills that I have learnt can be applied in the future, even for the research purposes or working purposes in food industry.

Due to the reason of having co-op placement in another country, thus I have learnt to engage to global citizen. This skill have brought up for me as it allowed me to communicate effectively in cross-cultural context. Besides that, through this placement I am also able think across international borders as we are from different cultures. Thus, it is necessary to have this skill. Other than that, the friendliness of Thai people has also made some influence on me.