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Fullname: Mr. Pheakdey Yun
Master of Science (Food Science)


My name is Pheakdey YUN, from Cambodia. I graduated from, Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), department of food science and chemical engineering. After graduating from ITC, my ambition is to pursue master degree in order to become an expert in my field. I have found life during ASEAN community 2015 may more challenge and competition. It is a mush that I have to train myself to be a qualified expert and a good leader to welcome ASEAN community.As I have known, Thailand is one of a powerful country in Asia in producing and exporting agricultural products. Thai goods are very popular in Cambodia due to quality and acceptable price. These positive points push me to apply the scholarship to study in Thailand. Fortunately, I have been selected to study at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), faculty of food science, under KMITL research fund program, in academic year of 2013 - 2015. I do happy. Now, I am one of international students who is studying at KMITL. I remember that, my first arrival in Bangkok, I get a warm welcome from professors, the dean of the faculty, staffs and friends. They are very friendly, smile and helpful. The provided dormitory is very comfortable with air-conditioner, fridge and internet. Around the dormitory, I can buy foods easily from canteens and other food stores. A large sport field including football, badminton, gym and swimming pool open for every student. I usually go there with friends to do exercise during free time. I really enjoy this environment. 

Studying here makes me feel more confident. Classrooms are comfortable.All my lecturers are experts with good experiences. Each course is up to date and useful to answer with current issues of food science. I have earned a lot of new knowledge from their lectures. Laboratories have many instruments; chemicals and reagents are also available. Laboratory technical staffs are helpful. Internet is available everywhere in the university to access many international and local journal databases. Library is very big, comfortable and has a lot of new textbooks in English language. These services are very convenient and help a lot for my research. I really love studying at KMITL.
As long as staying in Thailand, I found the Thai culture is not much different from Cambodia. Food is one of examples. I like Thai foods including Thai papaya salad (Sum Tam Thai), Thai spicy soup (Tom Yam) and Sour soup (Tom Sab). However, I can eat many kinds of Thai foods and I really like spicy foods. They are delicious and inexpensive which can buy everywhere. 

Many good environments at KMITLmake me to remember, I will miss everyone here, and I hope to see you again.I believe this good relationship does not disappear even if I finish my study here and have to come back my home country. Finally, I would like to thank all professors, lecturers, staffs and all good friends for their help, warm hospitality and consideration. I also thankful for KMITL research fund for supporting my research. Without this fund, my master degree will not achieve as what I have expected. Special thank Dr. KallayaneeTengpongsathon for spreading scholarship information to my university. One person who I never forget to thank is my respected advisor, Assist.Prof. Dr. PorjaiThamakorn, for her warm consideration, kindness and her training.